KAT happily celebrates the Torrents Day this month

We all remember how back in the last summer KickassTorrents got taken down by US authorities. While the founder of KAT is in jail waiting for the trial, a group of administrators continue running the torrent site in its original glory. This month will be the celebration of Torrents Day.

When KickassTorrents got taken down in July 2016, the most popular torrent site was left to dark for several weeks to come. However, a small group of the staff members started to prepare the comeback which brought our beloved torrent site back up again. First, a forum was established where all members and activists could meet and discuss related topics. The outcome was that few months later in December, the website made comeback and looked just like the genuine one.

Since then the torrent site has been running and people are returning to use it. KAT is gaining more traffic every month and it is believed to return to the original glory very soon. So, there is nothing to worry about for the staff and like every year, the team is once again celebrating the Happy Torrents Day on 30th of March.

Happy Torrents Day is a tradition held every year to show respect to the free speech and file sharing, to bring people together online and show the value of sharing. A lot of active torrent users celebrate the day and this is the only way to keep alive file sharing.

It is true that KickassTorrents has still encountered issues during the past months. The torrent search was down right from the beginning, then it didn’t work well, but for now the service is up and stable. Design and functions are pretty much back to what they once were. Though the web code needs adjustments, the staff is quite satisfied. Developers are working hard every day to improve the features and overall experience. Staff members and active uploaders are all the same who were participating in the original KickassTorrents.

Future plans of the team involve currently to stay on track and keep improving the site. However, if the founder of KAT returns from jail, the staff will hand over the website.

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