KickassTorrents has been restored by previous members

People behind the genuine website of KickassTorrents are bringing the torrent king back to life now. The group of Internet activists that was administrating the site before the alleged owner got arrested in July, is trying to restore the large torrent search to its previous condition. So far everything seems to be going fairly smooth.

There has been a lot of talk about KAT being shut down since last summer. The efforts made by US Government lead the largest torrent site to long downtime and millions of users were left in the dark. KickassTorrents has always had an active and loyal community of users and staff members who never stopped believing in the torrent site.

When the first signs of downswing appeared, many moderators took care of the forum and community part to keep it still live. They gathered other members to the new domain and promised to take action towards rebuilding the website. Now the fresh and operational site of KAT is up and working. Though the site starts with a fresh database, lots of members from the past have already joined. This is a great sign of loyalty of the user base.

The original database of KickassTorrents became inaccessible due to the arrest of the alleged owner, therefore previous moderators had to build up the torrent site from scratch. However, the active administrators put much effort in it and created the new website very similar to the genuine KAT, so everyone feels like at home again.

Thanks to dedicated uploaders, the fresh database is getting a lot of content already. The uploaders who had already become trustful by name are now sharing files again with the community. Bringing the site back up in its former glory took a reasonable amount of time and work but the crew is satisfied with the outcome. The site should be totally secured the staff says. Safety is now one of the top priorities of KickassTorrents.

The moderators of KAT have put a DMCA takedown feature in place, so they are not afraid of legal issues at the moment. The main reason for it is not to keep any copyrighted files in their servers. The staff explains that torrents in general are not illegal and the site itself is not going to store any downloadable data.

The response from KickassTorrents community has been awesome during the past hours and the new site is getting a lot of web traffic. The team behind KAT is proud to be serving users once again without much issues at this moment.

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