MPAA talks about the shutdown, alleged owner in hospital

In summer this year the authorities managed to take down the torrent search of KickassTorrents. They also arrested Artem Vaulin who is believed to be the owner of KAT. Though we knew FBI had been behind the case together with the US Department of Justice, recent news by MPAA say Hollywood had its role in the case, too.

The largest torrent site KickassTorrents got hit bad in July when the main site was brought offline and the Police arrested the possible founder in Poland. FBI had been investigating this for a long time already and there was much proof to arrest the Ukrainian. All this time news talked about the US Government who was after the torrent site, but recently it has been claimed by the boss of MPAA that Hollywood had an important role in the case. This is how the US authorities got much help from Europe, where Artem Vaulin was also captured.

Though the entertainment industry has helped in such court cases at earlier times, having that much impact on the largest torrent site was a great success for the Hollywood group. They won a battle, but the war is far from over. Chris Dodd, the boss of MPAA says some days it feels like it is hydra-headed but he is still satisfied for the results made during the past few years.

The authorities admit that pirate site owners are getting smarter each day and it has become much harder to fight against online piracy. The technology is improving our lives but therefore also giving better opportunities to pirate site owners to share the copyrighted content, and this is something the authorities are continuously working on.

Meanwhile, Artem Vaulin who is the alleged owner of KickassTorrents, has left from prison to a local hospital in Poland. The man is facing severe health issues and can get proper treatment at last. He is handcuffed to bed at nights and several Police officers are watching him. The situation may be nervous for Artem Vaulin but he has nothing to do about it for now. We will see how the court case continues.

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