KAT is in trouble with fake proxy sites

KickassTorrents is the most popular torrent engine by now. It has already more active users than the famous Pirate Bay. KAT has a lovely community of people sharing good information to each other and therefore, we here do the same. With good popularity come problems. One of the issues right now are proxy sites who seem to be the real deal but actually work for their own favor.

Whenever KickassTorrents official website gets blocked the Internet blooms of proxy sites that help people reach the content. There are proxy sites that the team of KAT suggests people to use and then there are these shady sites that look like the same, but actually spread malware or ask money for content. Torrent engines never ask money for their content, but only in case it is for either a VPN service (because fees come with providing such service), or donations.

So look carefully the site you land on; if it wants to sell a subscription, asks for credit card details or wants your passwords – then it is most probably a scam. Don’t fall for that. If you can’t access any site you would like to, and therefore want to buy a VPN subscription, then it’s another story. VPNs always come for a small fee, especially if you want a good service that works.

The team of KAT is working on a solution to ban the fake proxy sites by restricting them from showing the original content, which means this issue could be solved pretty soon.

As a separate news site of KAT, it has come to our commitment to warn our users for such scams. We do not encourage you to share copyright materials and therefore break the law, but torrents include also much legitimate data, and use them responsibly.

You are always welcome to share this article with friends so they won’t fall for online scams as well.

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