KickassTorrents has entered the Tor network

KickassTorrents is still holding the number one place in the list of public torrent sites. The entertainment industry has been fighting really hard to get ISPs block the most popular torrent system. Now KAT has added official Tor address in return.

Having millions of active users, KickassTorrents is the most popular torrent site open to the public. Therefore copyright holders have been getting ISPs to block the website in United Kingdom, Finland and other regions. As we wrote some time ago, it might get blocked even in Australia.

To keep the content still accessible, there are several proxy sites and VPN solutions. Since today KAT has also joined the dark web by entering the Tor network. Tor, as most of you already might know, is a network of encrypted anonymity, which is really hard for ISPs to block.

People using Tor can access dedicated webpages using the .onion address and also other public pages. To use Tor people need to install the web browser first. The reason behind KickassTorrents entering the dark web is rumored to be high demand from the users. Though KAT started to adapt this just now, there are other similar websites (also the Pirate Bay) that have been using such solution already for years.

For now users seem to be happy about the change.

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