KAT and its community are only growing

KickassTorrents has been the world’s most visited torrent site for some time already, but now it’s visible how KAT is getting only more popular. Recently the site has hit the Alexa Top 70 and this is mostly thanks to the great community.

Years ago when people started to measure and compare torrent sites, Mininova took the first place in 2007. Back at the times The Pirate Bay was holding only third place. When a year later The Pirate Bay snapped the first place, Mininova was pushed to second followed by Torrentz that is still popular even today. KickassTorrents was still under development back then.

Few years later in 2011, TPB was still first, followed by the original isoHunt, Torrentz and KickassTorrents at the fourth place. In 2013 KAT was already holding the second place after TPB. Then in 2015 it happened; while The Pirate Bay was suffering from police raid and technical issues, KickassTorrents took the lead in the torrent world by becoming number one in the list of its kind.

Since 2015 KAT has been moving up from Alexa rank of 151 and now it has finally entered Alexa top 70, which is an important success after Mininova’s results almost ten years ago.

Many people wonder what is the reason behind such success. One of the most important reasons of course is the dedicated team behind this success story. Impressive uptime and smooth running have been important for KAT to become popular. They comply with DMCA notices, which is another great step forward.

The website is fast and modern. It’s easy to navigate and everything is comfortable to use. Having optimized for mobiles and also performing well on desktop devices, KAT’s website is top notch. Going further, KickassTorrents has developed a unique community that has so many dedicated users being loyal to KAT. Such discussion forum is one of its kind when it comes to torrent websites. The forum is well administrated and people share good information there.

Therefore KickassTorrents is currently the most visited and enjoyable torrent website out there. People browse and spend time on the site even if not downloading or uploading files at that particular moment. KAT has earned its users’ trust and it’s worth it.

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