Over a million torrents removed on KAT

KickassTorrents is known as the most visited torrent site and actually one of the biggest sites on the whole Internet that gives people the chance to download torrent files. Though users upload new torrents every day, the administration of KickassTorrents has had to remove over a million torrents during the few past years just to comply with DMCA takedown requests.

File-sharers all over the world know KAT very well for its wide range of torrents. As logical as it might sound many users upload copyrighted materials that the real owners want to be taken down later. KickassTorrents has shown to comply with DMCA takedowns and this makes it a little bit different from the other torrent sites.

According to official statistics from KAT, almost 16 thousand torrent files got removed in the previous week, a bit more than 55 thousand files during the previous month. Quick math shows that over half a million files get deleted each year. Since these statistics started to be tracked, KickassTorrents has removed over a million torrents on its directory.

The KickassTorrents forum is full of people’s ideas what to do about the high DMCA stats. Some generate a magnet link from the hash of a torrent to share removed content. Often the removed files get re-uploaded again. KAT itself has remained passive on these topics. The team is offering users the platform to upload and download files as long as the activity complies with their terms.

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