KickassTorrents proxy sites went offline

Since the first week of August a pirate proxy war has been going on. Today we are observing United Kingdom and action of the local Police against proxy webpages that support famous torrent sites. If you have been using one of such services you most probably are interested to know about the reason why you can’t access it anymore.

Internet pages that look like some torrent engine but are actually offering access to a blocked site are called reverse proxies. Such services do not provide pirated content, but only access to the real site by changing Internet protocol (referred to as IP) and therefore online location. Your ISP won’t be able to notice then if you are visiting a torrent or any other website.

PIPCU, the Police department fighting against pirating of intellectual properties, has long been upset because of the proxy service blooming all over the Internet. It was seen how owners of those services did not care about legal warnings the Police was sending out to them, so the authorities in UK had to take more serious action.

As always with such operations, some site owners agree to cooperate and shut down their online page voluntarily. Others, who don’t respond, are being dragged into a more serious case. This is exactly what happened to many proxy sites making it possible to use KickassTorrents in UK where its original page has been blocked. If you have been using any of those sources, but are seeing now the logo of UK Police on the domain, you can be sure such source will be unavailable at least for a while.

Current solution to the problem is either using an ISP who doesn’t block or finding some other decent online source of preferred content. We have also introduced some legit options on our homepage.

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