Why you should get a VPN

This piece of help is for people who do not know what a VPN is exactly and whether they should use one or not. There are so many providers out there that it is not easy to choose the best one from scratch. Read this little guide below and we hope to educate you on the topic.

VPN explained to newcomers

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is simply put a large set of computer devices connected over the Internet. As companies can use these to access remote data hubs, individuals can connect to local networks while being far away or use it to secure the communication while being on a public connection which is not safe. So using a VPN will make your Internet browsing more safe and private as your activity on the net is encrypted and personal information cannot be discovered.

Who needs such security

Basically, everybody wants to be on the safe side while online as there are many people with bad intentions stealing users’ identities and personal data. There are different situations where people see a virtual private network helping them.

Members of corporations like university students or company workers use a VPN to get their files online when they are away, and it helps to keep everything safe in one place.

Internet surfers who are in a foreign location where websites and resources are blocked or have restricted access. Say you travel to a location where it is hard to access your home country’s news or streaming sites to watch series. Often such resources are being blocked in other areas on the world map.

People worrying about their online safety. Users who want to secure the connection before doing anything on the web. They just do not want to think of anybody observing their activity. Here come the file-sharers who want to transfer data anonymously without anyone questioning why you sent this and received that.

How to use it

This should get you the idea of having a VPN provider. As file and information sharing is kept well free of charge, there is a small fee to pay for a good private network. Of course you can look for free ones, but they cannot be too good, as maintaining hardware as well as updating software costs money, and that is why such providers need to ask a small fee. Everyone can set it up for himself very easily and you do not need to have any special skills to use a VPN. A provider gives its customers everything necessary to connect to the network after they jump on the boat and also offer online support – at least good providers do.

We have found a good VPN company that we can suggest here: http://kickasstorrents.eu/unblock/

Of course, you can try out any other that you find on the Internet. It is totally optional.

We do not encourage people to transfer copyrighted materials or break the law while being anonymous – users’ activity is totally up to themselves, but instead we want to inform people about their experience and privacy online.

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