Vuze teams up with KickassTorrents

Though much has been made about the ethics of the BitTorrent technology, the fact of the matter is that what was once a small and unpopular method for sharing large files now accounts for somewhere between 30-40% of all online traffic (according to which study you are reading). The dominant method to share any file over the internet, legal or otherwise, it would be difficult to envision the web without this critical piece of technology.

Require two key components to make the system work (a torrent tracker – or aggregator of content – and a piece of software to use the .torrent file); there are a million and one choices for each. But a somewhat recent joining of two of these services has helped propel them to the top of the industry and for the first time really combining both tools in one in a seamless and effortlessly effective way.

Once a small and fledgling rooking torrent tracker (though also one of the simplest and cleanest to use), the inclusion of KickassTorrents as the default Vuze search tracker has boosted both of the services popularity.

Starting in 2009, KickassTorrents was a small time tracker playing in the massive pond that is the torrent world. With giants on all sides taking up the majority of the marketplace, it was chosen not to focus on the content that they made accessible but instead on the user experience. Any trip to the more popular BitTorrent trackers would have given you a headache just trying to locate something, and KickassTorrents made it their mission to strip this process down and make it as easy as possible.

Creating a growing following but still staying out on the fringe of the torrent world, it wasn’t until the BitTorrent software client giant Vuze took notice of what they were doing that things really got crazy.

A perfect blend of innovative and topflight sharing solutions, the joint venture between Vuze and KickassTorrents is a match made in heaven.

Understanding that one of the most powerful components to a seamless and integrated torrent solution would be to offer results right inside of their software platform (much like Napster before them), Vuze was looking for the best possible tool to combine with their client solution and found it. Without much deliberation the two aligned forces so to speak, and the torrent site saw an almost instant uptick in traffic (to the tune of 100,000 visitors a day) from the inclusion as the integrated search tool for Vuze. Luckily the Vuze team was able to help the site boost their infrastructure and streamline the process before the big hit happened, and it’s been a marriage made in heaven ever since.

One of the best examples of what two technologies on opposite sides of the fence can accomplish when you integrate a top to bottom solution, Vuze continues to lean on the KickassTorrents service in its client and both of them have paved the way for new users to get the kind of seamless experience they’ve been looking for.

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