Not every KickassTorrents download program is safe to use

Whenever you read an article on torrent trackers and download software, there is always a question about security, privacy and only then you think further about download speed, application interface and other conveniences. You wonder if it were able to have all these included in one package? This was not a hot topic some five to ten years ago. But is essential to know at the moment.

Moreover are people talking about VPN and BitTorrent tracker encryption, but as time flies by, many providers have not noticed to update the system so many usual public trackers and applications that handle torrent files are now under a big question mark if they still have it. Authorities of United States, United Kingdom and many other large regions want to cut down the online file sharing and they might have a reason for this.

Have you ever wondered how your ISP or the developer of your internet browser might see what you are doing online? How cookies betray the online habits, and how Facebook activity might be recorded for some third party companies? You can never be sure. Seems like whether someone is sharing your privacy or not, you are sure to be under a big eye while surfing the web.

After Edward Snowden’s statements and the whole case of perhaps the biggest confession about online privacy ever, internet users around the globe are afraid of their privacy. Security is a hot topic and also very necessary one to talk about so read more below how to be safe online.

It is clear enough to say that if you are using a public torrent site with usual Bittorrent downloader, your activity is public. Your IP address is being recorded and what you do (downloading or uploading movies, music, games) is basically possible to take up later. When observing private torrent platforms, we understand they are often hard to reach and not providing so much choice or seeders for appropriate and fast download.

What should be done then to be able to use public torrent sites without ever needing to worry? Best thing of course is not to share copyrighted materials, and to be honest, we here do not support transferring illegal materials. It is just hard to tell nowadays what is legal on the internet and what is not, because the digital world is not so well defined yet, as it does not exist in reality and it never follows any borders of countries.

Okay, so going on, one choice is to use a Virtual Private Network referred to as VPN that hides your IP better than a usual proxy. Another, and more easier way for an average torrent user is to get a decent download software that would help to carry out the online sharing with ease. For example, on KickassTorrents website most users look for files from a public seach engine and then download them directly to the PC using the most common application that opens torrent mirrors. This is not a bad way, but just to be on the safe side with your security, and to be sure we are not supporting any activities against the law here but just to respect people’s privacy, it is best to get a proper downloading program.

Files from KickassTorrents engine are top to transfer using the right tool meant only for that source. This way you might not want to get yourself in a hassle with all the IP changers and servers that lower the transfer rate and comfortable file sharing.

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